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Nativ Amazon Pintado - Cultured Fish

Hybrid fish, no scales, crossbreeding between the Surubim (Pintado) and the Amazonian Jundiá, cultured with a total control of the processes up to the final product. Its meat is light in color providing a mild, unequaled taste and tender texture.



Nativ Tambaqui - Cultured Fish

Fish scales, light meat, mild flavor and tender consistency. Original from Amazon Basin and cultured in complete control of the process until the final product.


Nativ Tilapia - Cultured Fish

Fish scales, original from Africa.

Nativ Shrimp - Cultured Shrimp

Whiteleg Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) - currently farmed in every fish-producing country of the Western world. It is a medium size shrimp with a uniform growth rate, and it easily adapts to different environmental conditions.


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