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Safety and quality in the production process

When it comes to aquaculture species, Nativ offers the healthiest dishes. The fishes are transported live in tanks to the processing plant, unloaded into holding tanks, and only harvested after a period of rest. This time is extremely important to maintain all their qualities and preserving characteristics such as taste, texture, touch and smell, as well as to ensure food safety.

After the desensitizing period of immersion in a tank with water and ice at 0°C, the fish is stunned and the bleeding is done without any suffering. The next stage is the conveyor for washing and after that a machine removes all the scales from the fish that have them. The fish continues on to the filleting tables, which is a manual process where the meat is cut in pre-established portions.

Once this is done, the fish moves on to classification, weighing, packaging, and freezing through the IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) process that makes it possible to add water to the product. A big advantage of Nativ products is that the time between harvesting and freezing is no longer than one hour.

That is why we believe that “Nativ has the freshest frozen fish”!

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