About us

Structure and technology

The Reproduction and Growth Technology Center is located 31 miles (50 km) from the center of the city of Sorriso and is made up of a reproduction unit and a fattening unit. It has a total area of 555 acres with 276 acres of facilities.

The reproduction unit has a capacity to produce up to 5 million fingerlings a year and its infrastructure is made up of 83 tanks as well as physical/chemical labs, administrative installations, a warehouse for machines, equipment, and fish food, as well as a medication room.

The location was selected because it is part of the Amazon Basin and for the production of soybean in the region, which is the basic component for the production of fish food. The quality and quantity of water, the characteristics of the soil, the infrastructure (energy, telephone, highways, etc.) and the climate were also important factors for choosing the location.

With a harvesting capacity of 50,000 pounds a day, our fish processing plant is installed along the highway BR 163, only 3 miles from the city of Sorriso, in an area with 25 acres and 4,600 yd² of facilities.

The industrial facilities have a controlled temperature and strict sanitation standards. Our processing plant not only has superb technological premises, but it is also equipped with the most modern machinery for this segment. Our reproduction complies with a rigorous tracking system. A software monitors the entire process from when the fingerlings hatch, who the parents are, in which tank they grew, what kind of commercial food was given, at what age the fish were harvested, which products were the result, where were they stored, and to whom the products were sold.

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